An Affirmation for All Created Life

What is the symbiosis of mortal body and immortal soul.

Below is a prayer celebrating the symbiosis between mortal body and immortal soul. The body must wither and die, but the soul cannot die. We are souls. We were created to live forever. Perhaps, the best way to explain where my head is “at”, is to share a meditational prayer of affirmation I wrote a few years ago after entering into my mystical state. It was not a prayer derived from Kabbalism, but upon re-reading it, I found that it fits like a glove Kabbalism has shown me this prayer is correct and applies to all humans.

I am a powerful spirituous being. My origins trace back to the dawn of time, at the very moment of creation. I exist. I have always existed. I will always exist. To deny my existence is to bear false witness unto myself. I am immortal. I cannot be destroyed by the will or action of other created beings. I cannot die. In each earthly life, I exist in perfect symbiosis with a physical body. My physical body is but a tool to learn the lessons of the physical world. It will eventually wither and cease to live. I am complete only when I am spirit and body in concert. I must treat my physical body with respect while it lives, for through it I learn what is yet unlearned. My physical body contains all that is I in each physical life. But, it is not I, immortal. What I am in spirit is no more, nor no less, than what am I. What I am in spirit is the sum total of all that am I. My spirituous body is all that is I, immortal. I am what am I

But, has Kabbalah changed how I live? No, not really. I still like a beer with my evening meal, enjoy a good Sci-Fi movie, and relish the interaction with family and friends. To me, spirituality is a personal thing. I’ve been a “spiritual, not religious” person for nearly half my life. I have trusted my “feelings” and tried to do the right thing for a long, long time. But, I am no longer troubled by the questions that have, in hindsight, plagued me for the better part of five decades. I am at peace, and it has been Kabbalism that brought me to this state of fulfillment. .